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Putin the weak strongman

Putin-centered approaches to Russian politics also assume that President Putin can easily turn his preferences into policy outcomes. To be sure, Putin is the central

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These New Yorker cartoons do not exist: A thread of panels created by AI trained on the magazine’s comics But deep learning is probably hitting

Our willing gullibility on war news

On Twitter, it makes me a little uncomfortable that some people seem to follow the trials and tribulations of the Russian army with the same

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Illustrator Sam Owen’s creepy muppet series Latecomer’s guide to crypto What we can learn from our political adversaries STDs in the centuries before syphilis From

Links I liked: Ukraine edition

How a Putin lookalike banded together with a Kim Jong-un impersonator to smuggle a Zelenzky doppelgänger out of Ukraine [Kim Jong-un impersonator] Howard X told

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Interview with Penny Goldberg Duncan Green reviews a history of the rise and power of Constitutions as a global ‘political technology’ Why was Nirmal Purja’s

Opioids in America

In 2019 the age-adjusted death rate from an opioid overdose was 21.6 per 100,000 people. This compares with 12.9 for kidney disease, 14.2 from suicides,

The danger of demonization

Some lessons from the last war seem relevant for the current one. What I’ve been reading: …The Taliban in 2002 were broken. After fleeing Kandahar,

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The changing of the guard at the India/Pakistan Wagah/Attari border puts the shame to West Side Story Quote of the week: “My goal is not

Why We Fight - Book Cover

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