Chris Blattman

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Thanks for your interest. The answers is “it depends”.

Commercial advertising, guest posts and link exchanges

Thanks for your interest, but this is a personal and non-profit blog, and so I don’t have guest posts, or advertise, or do reciprocal link exchanges with commercial sites. More detailed blog disclosure is here.

Publicizing non-profits and charitable causes

I enjoy hearing from innovative charities and initiatives, so long as they aren’t form mails. Sometimes I blog them if I think they will interest readers, especially if I can link to a recent publication or article in the press (as opposed to press releases).

Sadly, however, I cannot blog the vast majority of requests. I get regular, sometimes weekly, requests for a mention or a guest post from many excellent causes. Blogging them all would change the character of the blog, and would invite even more requests. So please email, but apologies in advance if I can’t publicize your cause.

Bloggers and link exchanges

I found it hard to keep a blogroll up to date and avoid hurt feelings. Plus no one ever clicked on those links. So I abandoned the idea of a blogroll. I feel unneighborly, but I think it’s for the best. But do send me posts or links you think are interesting to my readers. I am always looking for material.

Press releases and mailing lists

Please don’t place me on a mailing list unasked. This happens more than I ever imagined and so I’ve resorted to unsubscribing right away, and reporting these as spam to the FTC and Gmail. But if you think your press release or mailings might be of interest to me, do write me a personal note.